Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Here you go some distinctive toy designs too - Playmobile!

Doctor Who & the Daleks (1965)

This is a movie that personally I dislike mainly because of the interpretations of the human characters - 'a little bit wet' I suppose. I noted your sketch of the dalek and the way you combined elements from a pen knife and remembered how some of the movie daleks have claws rather than plungers. I think colour and their combinations are something to look at in this movie as even though I dislike it is is memorable from a 50s/60s point of view. See if you can view this, rate it or slate it naturally.

The Jetsons

Following our convo about you liking 50's style imagery I thought about this cartoon for you to look at. Particularly the way the imagery communicates the future in a very 50's way. The floating bubble car is particularly charming, I believe it ran first in the early 60s and then was revived again in the late 80s looking somewhat more glossy. Very distinctive character design nevertheless maybe worth watching a few.