Tuesday, 8 December 2009

SPACE... the NEXT frontier...

During this current project, a lot of peoples ideas have been turning towards disasters, how water has affected individuals, societies, countries and industry/business... but I wanted to look at something a bit more positive. During the initial briefing, the recent NASA mission to prove the existence of water on the moon was mentioned, and I figured I'd look into the future of water and if we could get fresh water supplies from space.

However, all I seem to have discovered so far is that, Yes there is water out in space, however we're only just at the point in history where NASA are exploring alternatives to sending water to the International Space Station and looking at mining or purifying water from the moon etc. With discussion about their budget, NASA will most likely be reigned in from their far distant exploration and focus more on missions to the moon in hopes of establishing a lunar base.

I'm a little lost at the moment with what information I am actually find out or prove, since I can't exactly head to space and conduct my own experiments, but I may end up looking more at how astronauts use their limited supplies of water and how this can be brought back to Earth and implemented into our every day lives.

As I mentioned a couple of posts earlier, I hoped to present my research in a more visual way than just file/folder of papers, but I'm not sure if I can come up with an idea for it based on my current research nor a reason to use screen printing. Posters, for years, were the best form of communicating to the general public and I thought I'd be able to produce some informative pieces on the future of water in space and how i believe we should invest money into exploring our solar system and beyond, but this isn't such a big deal for us here in England.

This is why my idea is changing, gradually... I've got more areas of research in which I need to delve but I'm worried I won't actually produce anything on a subject that I do enjoy!

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