Monday, 8 March 2010

editorial 2

im not going to do my usual ranting speech crap.. so i shall stop this sentence now..

recent work for editorial brief, based on victim/survivor stories and descriptions of their encounters..



frostbite (+colour variation)

contour drawn elements

I personally really enjoyed this one, purely because my ideas seemed easier to achieve via contour drawing. It was more enjoyable working this way rather than on the computer but my drawing seemed to be the main criticism ( as well as my colour choice)... but very little positive was said.. so I dont know if i have succeeded on some aspects and failed in others, or if its all a waste of time...

I turned to contour drawing for two reasons, one so I could remove any kind of over thinking on my behalf and second so I didn't worry about style or anything and could just create elements for the compositions...

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  1. Don't see why you shouldn't use these as a starting point, they just need a lot of refining, reducing, whatever. And that hand at the bottom is way better than the one you used.