Sunday, 12 September 2010

7x7 animation

I only have rough ideas in my head for the animation to date... but starting Tuesday afternoon this will again be given a push forward. In terms of how i'd like it to look.. I want it to look great! I'm not a full blown animator but I love the way in which something which was once still/flat/2d can be brought to life.. as shown in the many abundant animated comics out there now.. one of my favourites in particular is the working of Image's Dead Space comic, based on the events before the popular computer and featuring the artwork of Ben Templesmith.

Thinking back to the theme of the story and it's character.. something a little more abstract AND classy springs to mind... Considering the animation will only be 15 seconds long (approx) then I won't have time for a narrative, only hints to the charcters and their relationship etc. For example.. one of my ideas works on the image of smoke rising from a cigarette resting in an ashtray... as the camera pans upwards following the rising trail... the hourglass shape of a woman can now be seen dancing in the silhouette of the smoke... she is dancing and removing her silk opera gloves and the camera can zoom in to the space inbetween her arms.. as it does the male character can be seen... etc..

Sketches to follow...

and I have mentioned it way back when we first touched on the project.. but the intro to the show 'Mad Men' is pretty damn close to what I'm imagining... HERE

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  1. Check out the Catch me if you can title sequence:

    Reminds me of the Mad Men, along with another of the James Bond sequences: