Thursday, 25 November 2010

RGB - Carnovsky

Out of the whole week I was in Berlin, this is the one the main piece of artwork that has stuck with me and is still stuck in my head as I try and figure out how I could reproduce it. However, I am already thinking of doing something with it in my next piece of work and i NEED to make sure that I dont just rip off the idea and make it my own, with a slight twist.

We (me, james, ste and ashely) were recommended to visit the Direktoren Haus in Berlin to experience some illustration and artwork a little different from the norm of a typical gallery... there we discovered Carnovsky's RGB work. The piece works on artwork/illustrations printed onto paper or the walls but layered in different colours (cyan, magenta or yellow) and then under different coloured lights, only one set of images shows through. For example, under a red light the blue/cyan coloured illustrations stand out where as the others fade into the red spectrum and no longer visible to our eye. It's not exactly a ground breaking idea, optical illusions have existed for years, but its the fun aspect which appeals to myself more. The fact that the illustrations are on 2 full walls and not just confined to pages feels like it has more audience participation, almost like you HAVE to look at it, it draws your attention as you wait for things to be revealed to you through the changing lights. I keep comparing it to easter eggs hidden in pieces of work etc (like a giant Where's Wally?), you have to wait for the light to change in order to view specific sections... theres more in the piece to engage the audience, hold their attention and keep them looking at your work as opposed to a flat illustration. (also featured on CreativeReview site)

I remember getting excited as a kid when a computer magazine or comic had a free pair of 3D glasses on the cover, even though there was only 1 image in the whole mag and a waste of time more often than not. Even as I got older, the attraction of a set of 3D glasses still entices me to buy a magazine purely for the fun and nostalgia of it (and nothing else!!).

Now, as I said, I havent stopped thinking about this piece of work since I got back and as such started planning on including it into my current work.. however, I would just be copying and recycling this idea rather than coming up with something of my own that captures the same essence...

my current sketches/ideas for my new D&AD piece are getting a little carried away.. i have plans to combine new technology with sensory illustrations in order to bring illustration off of the page and into the world a little more but I'm losing sight of why I want to create this work in the first place.... next step... sensory toys...

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  1. lol, we all knew that direction was coming ;)

    That exhibition looks amazing, but im just a sucker for beautiful colours...