Thursday, 18 June 2009

..this little light of mine..

This is my line in the sand...

For some reason I can never live up to my own expectations. Any work i create is obselete and rubbish once I've finished it. It never looks how i want it too and i wouldnt put my name on it even if you paid me. But recently I've been listenin to a few choice songs and realised the effect they have on me. When i hear this little light of mine, or Oh happy days from Sister Act 2 i just get a tingling in my fingers and all up my arms. I'm suddenly filled with confidence and immediately smile.... so..

this image is to be my line drawn in the sand to mark the point where I'm going to start having confidence in my own work and let my creative light shine.

inspired by a project at uni in which i looked at the work of Mick Marston. I wanted to create a clear image that anyone could instantly read, but the addition of the text gives it a personal touch and makes it that bit more meaningful to me. I've run through so many variations of this, some with simple alterations, others being a little more complex (a hand reaching for the switch etc). I still hate Illustrator for how fiddly it is, when in photoshop I've learnt shortcuts and become fluid in my way of working.

I also intend to make this into a screen printed poster (or even a t-shirt) at some point, utilising my new printing set up :slow: gonna try make myself a pieface t-shirt tomorrow before i start on others though!

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