Monday, 29 June 2009

my stuff again...

Ok, I promise to start my research properly now rather than keepin on doin' my own thing...

but before I do, here's what I've been working on in the last couple of weeks...

I listen to a lot of different styles of music and during the summer so far I'm loving anything funky. One group a friend told me of a while back is the french DJ quartet, C2C. Blending their contemporary Dj mixing and scratching skills with Jazz, Swing, and Blues to name but a few. Anyway, I became inspired to create a design (to go on a t-shirt) that tried capturing the fact that they're 4 seperate Dj's and this is what I came up with.. (after an annoying stuggle with finding out where stuff is in Illustrator).

I have recently tried contacting them through Myspace to see if they could feature/use this design anywhere.. but no reply as of yet.

James Toseland 52:
Being a motorbike fan I usually spend weekends anxiously waiting the MotoGP races (oh its been exciting already this season!!! Catalunya and Assen!), and being British, I back our own Great Brit, James Toseland. I've been wanting to get myself a t-shirt or something to show my support for him when I was again hit with inspiration for my own.

Taking his race number (52) I thought why not simply add the Union Jack to it? I'm quite surprised this hasn't been used already by him.. (watch it now.. Donnington race and he'll have something similar/better ). His current version is exactly the same except uses flat blocks of colour for the numbers, but with adding a busier background there was a risk that I may lose focus/detail on the muscial score (representing his love of music and his band). So, I made a couple of variations and I again decided to send this on to see if he could use it. Here's hoping....

Theanon Wonder:
He is a good friend of mine, often seen dancing in public, insulting people (me), reading comics, making and listening to music as well as occasionally selling comics too. And as a friend I took his existing logo he created for himself and worked my digital magic and soon I will work my screen printing magic to produce a t-shirt or two for him. Hope he likes them...

Stolen from his myspace: As a founding member of MFTBS (Music from the back seat), Theanon has been making tunes for over a decade. based in the sunny streets of manchester, england. music is important, it helps make you aware of who you are. it communicates what you can't say in words. making music is one of the freest ways to live your life. peace. if you want to know more just ask.

Multi Purpose Dalek:
This was actually inspired by Theanon. On a dull day in Manchester he got into a conversation of how Daleks are so easy to draw that anyone could do it... and from this one day sprang a wall of Daleks in varying sizes, styles and abilities. He basically invited people to do their own version and it was then mounted behind the counter for all to see... this was my entry... well its actually a re-working of it.. I still need to add a hand holding the Dalek by his head as it seasons a salad or something :P

Right... now that is out of the way... I need to get back to researching, refine my screen printing, order new supplies and get back into exercising more again... i hate summer... i really do despise the warm weather

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