Thursday, 16 July 2009

...brief update...

ok, so recently I've bee holding off doing my own personal work... it's kinda worked but I also haven't done much else as a result..

firstly, there are probably no images here that you haven't seen, but a site that I'm a member of has just offered a FREE online portfolio...

this is PURELY for test purposes at the moment... my bio needs coherently re-wording and my images need to be cleaned up but its a great and STUPIDLY simple start..

edited for easier reading...
it doesnt take long to sign up.. just don't make one better than mine ;)
start up an account with , (my own where you can put any and all pictures of your work online.. but the site is fairly generic across the board unless you subscribe.. but I used to use it as a place to send prospective clients to view my work... now they have jsut set up the above portfolio feature which is EVEN BETTER! :) give it a go if you want a simple site with NO hassle... (i should work for their advertising team)

Also been messing with screen printing shirts and ran into nothing but trouble... inks fading and miss printing but I'm hopefully going to crack it and order some new supplies soon :/ (wicked printing stuff)

Research is all in my head at the moment but I some how need to transfer all that to an A3 sketchbook :( A3... A-blummin-3.. ive only got an A4 printer and inks are costly.. boo hoo... but I'm looking into Modern Dog design co. with my recent love of screen printing and Sam Buxton to cover my love of 3-dimensional work. Throw this all together with the idea of toys and I should be having a pretty fun 2nd year at uni... I just need to get it all down :/

Modern Dog poster:

Sam Buxton:

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  1. cheers for the link man...gonna have to get me one of those...haven't yet got meself a deviantart account but yet haven't actually got anything decent on digital to upload for viewing...lovin' ya portfolio tho...glad your keeping busy as it makes one of us :)