Sunday, 6 September 2009

i bloody love technology...

ok... just stumbled across this video showing the capabilities of technology of the future... Tomorrows World really was rubbish...

video description from youtube:
If youve been waiting for that Minority Report-style interface to really come to fruition, you can finally exhale. One of the science advisors from the Steven Spielberg film has created a real-world implementation of the computer systems seen in the film. Dubbed g-speak, the mind bending OS combines gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels, to deliver what the creators call the first major step in [a] computer interface since 1984

This ties in with my research on Sam Buxton's clone chaise and table designs which make use electroluminescent technology, looking at how the audience/consumer can interact more with technology and everyday existence. It's like the next upgrade from the iphone, nintendo wii and head's up displays, i may be getting a little ahead of myself when looking at new technologies that are similar in aesthetics to Buxton's E.L work but suddenly the ideas featured in Star Trek, Minority Report (and that bit in Iron Man where Stark (R.Downey Jr) is back in his basement redesigning his suit ) are starting to get a little closer to reality.

i cant bloody wait! soon we'll be surfing or "diving" the net like in ghost in the shell

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