Monday, 21 September 2009

some sketches

I've already posted these on facebook a little while back, but I feel like my own personal sketches/drawings/work are seperate from my uni life and that my tutors and peers won't see the kind of stuff I like to do outside of the uni set briefs...

I'm also torn between putting up sketches of my work over finished stuff in case my work is stolen/ripped off... (which has happened to me a couple of month ago)... but how else am I going to get coverage?

Recently I've been playing around with capturing character based on a few of my interests (zombies, star wars, motorbikes and paintball) with hopes that these could be turned into mascots of some sort. A few of my favourites are the 2nd sketch which is my rendition of Valentino Rossi (motogp rider), the 5th sketch is of a character that sprung out of a lunch time pub session and finally the last sketch is based on the Eels song "my beloved monster" which I am hoping to expand on and turn into my own vinyl character... :) (eventually)

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