Monday, 19 October 2009

polish paper print and pattern

alliteration done and dusted... I couldnt help feel there was something familiar about my carpet design. My mother is Polish born but she came to England when she was young and stayed with a friend of the family who I grew up with calling 'Grandma'. I always remember visiting her house and tracing the patterns over on all the fabrics with my finger.. following the loops, curves and petals of flowers. Through this blog ( ) I found reference to these Polish Paper Cutouts, creating circular patterns from repeated shapes and similar to 1970's fabric patterns. With fashions and trends coming round again and again, if the patterns above were made in Illustrator it probably wouldnt be long before they were on a shelf somewhere printed on a bag, diary, or skirt.

some 60's/70's patterns:

Via the GrainEdit blog I was made aware of a Brazillian illustrator, Fernando Volken Togni, who does use Illustrator to create retro patterns from simple shapes and muted/limited colour pallettes.

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