Thursday, 1 April 2010


not my spelling but the tutors...

as a break from the hum drum of editorial briefs we were able to experiment with using photography within illustration. This started with simply drawing over some of my existing photos and trying find shapes within them too as the basis for creating characters...


apart from the last image, the others only run through once.. so either refresh or put up with it :P

I started by looking at some of my fave photographers and couldn't find a tangible link between the two subjects but looking at the work of jim Mahfood (see earlier post) I started to draw over my images and see what it made...

i was cutting out shapes in hopes that they would inspire some new character design but there was no solid theme behind them all... it was more about just me interpreting what I saw.

(pictures to follow)

similarly I have used this blog before last year, FacesInPlaces, and i thought I could go out and try find faces within inanimate objects to then work from but this is getting a little over done now... cute ... but still over done plus theres no real illustration aspect to it...

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