Friday, 9 April 2010

Tate Modern

Tate Modern: I forgot to add this to my last post... as soon as I walked into the Tate I did just head straight to the shop and bought 2 t-shirts but then I decided since I was there, i might as well look at what's about...

I was probably the fastest visitor round the gallery EVER. I quickly walked around, finding artwork that I either liked or could use as inspiration and spent more time digging my camera phone out to take quick snaps... but I noticed a few tourists doing the same, rushing about between rooms and taking photos of the most popular/well known pieces and doing the obligatory myspace above the head portrait... at least I had a reason for doing it and I at least have some interest and background knowledge on the artists or pieces :)

I've never really imagined screen prints to be any larger than an A2 poster but seeing Warhol's work at scale is quite inspiring... I also like that the offset alignment of the black and red layers shows the human intervention in creating these pieces. When I've done a run of my own prints, it's always been the ones with flaws/defects in them that have more character to them..

Similarly, with Lichtenstein's work I've never seen them in real life, only in books and you dont get a sense of scale. I used to love his work because of the comic style, then I hated it because all he did was copy old comic panel etc. but seeing them in person has rekindled my interest in his work... things like the heavy black outline, limited colour palette and screen tones (benday dots) are something I want to include in my work due to my own interest in comics

No ghost, just a shell: didnt really like much of this work except the fact that these 3 posters where screen printed... thats about it.. the process and technique was more interesting than the subject and meaning..

Cy Twombly's work is truly inspiring when you see the scale of it.

I'd not seen Giacometti's work in person either

- After having my D&AD submission printed out at A2, I now love seeing my work in print and at a larger scale than just on my monitor... plus being able to screen print larger sizes means theres no excuse for me not to get more done...

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