Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I've been asked to come up with a design for the course newsletter cover next month... the theme is Celebration/The Summer.. but I was worrying whether it was one or the other... I have the habit of wanting to please everyone with each piece of work I do which has often led to me designing something that i'm personally not happy with but with recent events I'm slowly taking more control over my own ideas and showing confidence in my work.

rather than celebration, I was looking to focus on the "Summer" - especially after the recent weather we've been having - and so I've been looking at typical summer images.. and more specifically.. BRITISH SUMMER :D

Now I have some sort of clear idea/theme (or ethos as it was put) for my work and "style" I've been thinking of things from my childhood again... and nothing says summer more than ICE CREAM!... I've got more sketches to come yet but I'm liking the ice cream or ice cream van idea but I was also thinking of bringing in the theme of celebration and making a ice cream trophy/award as it encapsulates summer and winning. we'll see how it goes though...


  1. no longer just 99's their £1.99's!, so it's not just the waistline that is subject to inflation.

  2. What a fantastic poster, was great to actually see it in print.