Wednesday, 7 July 2010

D&AD Don't Panic

well.. i DID PANIC!.. i didnt know what to expect.. i was nervous before even getting there and was kinda just looking forward to doing a bit of networking but for those who dont already know.. I bloody won! I came first in the D&AD Don't Panic Illustration category with my "Don't Do That" poster as it has now been named...

I was shocked more than anything, purely because I expected Tom Rainford's piece to win, but saying that... I am truly happy that I did... I'm so excited about it and feel as if I havent truly celebrated yet or flaunted it... (mainly because half of my friends dont know/understand what it means). It was a beautiful day for the ceremony to be held on, although a little too warm, but also a fantastic choice of venue in the Old Spitalfields Market down in London. The setup of the event was designed to almost force students and professionals to mingle and interact, however I spent more time with my tutor and the 3 other entrants in the Illustration category - Tom Rainford, Helen Vine and Chris Arrowsmith. We were later introduced to Phil Nutley of Corridor and Patrick Burgoyne of Creative Review, who commented on each of our works, gave advice and generally just listened to use waffle on.

This is all a bit new to me... but here is a video summarising the ceremony with a small bit featuring me.. D&AD Student Awards

as well as the D&AD Illustration page

As part of the competition, I had a little interview featured on the Don't Panic website and 80,000 of my posters will be printed and distributed in September this year.... can't wait... I'm gonna try get a couple!

there's also various other links online that have covered the award ceremony including...

Creative Review

Digital Arts Magazine



  1. Just came across your work, congrats on D&AD!

    Like your stuff - you've got a really fun tone to your work.