Monday, 24 January 2011

Monkey Truck!

Whilst researching ideas for a character in my competition entry I stumbled upon this via Drawn blog,

The initial premise of a monkey crossed with a truck is exactly the fresh and unique idea I'd love to create. The fact the monkey truck then goes around the jungle helping out the other animals ticks the 'heart and optimism' box, but the scenario of a lizard about to be stomped on or building a little hut and transporting coconuts shows how Michael Slack has not only conjured up this mad combination of an animal and a vehicle but also considered how it would exist and move about in it's world. Admittedly, the animation isn't as glossy and smooth as many people may come to expect but it is also part of it's charm, the timing and focus allows for the story to be delivered in a way that emphasizes the situation without labouring over fancy computer generated graphics.


  1. Thats a really great animation, I love the style of it. I prefer this sort of animation, like you say theres more emphasis on the story and quality of the artwork than the action in the animation.


  2. Glad you like the animation. We wanted to capture the spirit of the character and book without giving away the story. Thanks for posting this and helping spread the word about the book.