Sunday, 9 January 2011

Personal bits

As a little favour to some friends.. I have taken on a couple of side projects. Unfortunately, as they are unpaid, theres no deadline for and I have other things to worry about with Uni.. they often get pushed to the side... but I'm making a start on a few of these.. shown below...

Inuit Productions:

design a cute character to be animated and featured on the company's website.

Must Be The Shoes:

design a branding character that can be used on products and website.
here I took my friends interest in wrestling and luchador masks and began playing with shapes for the body..

1 comment:

  1. Love the Inuit fellow, youve deffinitely got the cute factor going there and it looks like it would be great as an animation. did you find it constraining designing this character for the purpose of animation and do you know what software it will be animated with?

    The wrestler character sketches looks nice,wonder where you will take these sketches as the facial features are brilliant! I love the face on the second sheet in the upper left corner.