Thursday, 7 July 2011

Collective Studio

Ok... a few people still follow this here is an update...

I have officially finished uni.. (got a 2:1), I think I have found my preferred way of working although I can't say I was completely happy with how things came about in the last couple of months.. but I made it. I've put together some promo packs but I still cant decide who to send them to.. Local design studios, Illustration agencies (both up North and down in London), or Companies/Clients who I would like to commission me...

Anyway, finishing uni has been a personal goal of mine.. purely because I have seen a lot of my friends either not go to university and just go into full time employment or I've seen a lot of them finish a course but then land a job that has nothing to do with the area in which they studied... so i am now going to prove to myself and them that you can complete a course AND have a successful career in that area too..

In order to make sure this happens, Myself and 4 of my classmates have decided to get a studio together just outside of Manchester city centre and are planning on setting it up as a place where we can all work on our own freelance projects but also work collectively on projects that come up. We're giving ourselves a year to get established and being so close to the city centre means we can easily venture out to meet clients, agents and visiting design studios. Eventually if all things go well, we're considering on treating it like our own agency and adding other artists/creatives later on down the line...

This Wednesday, we all met up to go into the studio for the first time together and started to clean it. We stripped the walls of the previous tenants magazine pages... added a 1st coat of paint and generally swept the place to begin furnishing it. We each need a desk and chair and will be adding bits as we go... so.. here's a lot of pics of the same thing but I dont care...

After we decide on a name, We're going to be setting up a proper website and blog for the studio and moving away from blogger... however.. deciding on a name between 5 people isnt the easiest thing to do..


  1. That's great, Chris! I like your gung-ho attitude and you're thinking practically, too. Best of luck!

    Whereabouts are you based, dude?

  2. Excellent news dude, good to see that there are still people coming out of Uni with a positive attitude and a good plan of action. I hope everything goes well for you, I will certainly be adding you to my list of freelance contacts for the future.

    My studio finally gets finished next week so will drop you a pic when I get your monster up on the wall :) and if you ever need any web help/advice just let me know.