Monday, 16 May 2011

LoveCream collective

A few of us in the studio finally pulled our finger out and put a newspaper together... using the NewspaperClub for the printing.. we just decided to go for it and see what happens. The actual copy has changed a fair bit from what I always imagined it would be but at the same time, this is a good thing as I get too attached to my own ideas and they become a little stale.. when others and introduced it means something different can happen and I'm normally pleasantly surprised...

anyway.. i feel i need to explain my decision on the images I created... firstly.. in what started as a joke.. we were all having a meeting and throwing ideas around about what the general theme could be... someone suggested Kurt Russell and for some reason it just kind of stuck.. I wanted to originally produce a sort of catalogue of our best work that could be mailed out to agencies but the idea behind our magazine just started getting more and more twisted... we started trying to create some sort of backstory to why we were doing an issue on Kurt Russell and we created the idea that we were all fan crazed stalkers of Kurt Russell.. and that we could literally take the images as far as we want.. after all it wasnt strictly for the course..

.. my first idea was to create a playful mask that you could cut out and wear in hopes of becoming ever so slightly like our hero Kurt... sadly.. on the paper it was printed...if you cut it out it may be a little too flimsy...

in all honesty... because I needed to make up another page, I came up with the idea of a set of accessories that you could cut out and decorate the mask on the front cover with them.... i created the moustache from Tombstone (Wyatt Earp), the furry collar from the Thing, the scar and cigarette from Death Proof and the eye patch from Escape from New York.... in the same way to the mask.. the paper is a little too thin to cut out properly but also the scaling seems to be off a little... oh well..

finally here is the odd one.. I thought if we were meant to be mad obsessed fans then what would a crazy person do? i then involved the mask off of the cover too.. ;) if you have a sense of humour then you'll find it funny.. otherwise.. go cry somewhere else...

we also added our own title to the piece...rather than just having plain type we each designed 2 letters.. here are mine.. i thought i'd try capture my love of comics and the slime one would be a slight hint to the name ... ;P

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  1. lmao this is brilliant bob, where can i get hold of this 'news paper?'