Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cross Pathway Project

At the moment all four art and design courses in the 2nd year are working together in groups of 4, in most cases it works out at one person from each area of Graphic Design, Surface Design, Moving Image and the wonderful Illustration....

(all except ours... our 4th has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth... so we are the only Trio group).

We did something similar in the 1st year under the title of Chindogu, in which we were to design our own useless invention and shoot a commercial for them, but nearly everyone I know hated it... so a lot of people weren't looking forward to this CPP. However, I am happy to announce that almost everyone is enjoying it and is pleasantly surprised at how well the groups are working!

Within our own group, the only troubles we've had so far have been...

- narrowing down our thousands of ideas,
- we are all taking the managerial role, theres no one true leader as we are a group,
- technical trouble! resulting in our first bit of footage not being saved.. but not to worry :)

this is the bare bones of our work so far.. by the end of tonight all our ideas should be up and we can start narrowing down and producing our stuff this week :D

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