Monday, 23 November 2009


Right... i have been busy doing lots of stuff this month and finally I think I'm about to crack... things have gone well and others not so well.. and its the not so well things that have more riding on them! :/

anyway.. I've have been knee deep into our last brief, the cross pathway project, in which I have been working as part of a group towards producing a piece of work based on a single theme... that was AMAZING! :) really had fun, but 4 weeks seems to be about the full limit of time people like to spend on one project...

so... my point is... I've been over at

the place where we decided to collate all our work from sketches to research... but I thought I might as well add some photos here :) and eventually the video... (when its uploaded!)

the idea/theme was...
"What would you imagine to be behind a closed door?"

we each interpreted the theme in our own styles whilst trying to show something about our own personalities and interests.... :)

these were my initial sketches on what I'd like to be behind the door....

a monster:
Designing characters ha now become a passion of mine :)

a room or sweets:
I bloody love sweets... oops just realised the image is upside down... :/

and... BoooooBS!:
Sophie Howard is quite beautiful, but it also gave me a chance to do more contour drawing :D

However, there were fears that I was being too literal, so I change this idea in favour of the slang joke featured on this scrap piece below...

Here are a few shots of me during the process... other photos can be seen via the blog address back up top...

the final video footage was projected onto the inside of this door and frame... we couldnt really decide on what to put on the door for the exhibition ... so.. we just drew it like a door! ;)


  1. dude, that is sexy shiz...can't wait for the vid! well played :]

  2. you white washed the monster bunny........disappointed is too less of a word

    on a side note, I like the idea of the video being projected on the inside of the door ;)