Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Competition Brief...

Well, after what feels like an age, although was actually only 8 weeks.. we can begin doing some official illustration...

or so i thought, im somewhat at even more of a loss recently by looking at these briefs... there are quite a few to choose from (if I look at some others not recommended by the tutors as well) but I've wanted to make a poster etc for Don't Panic for a while and this seems like the best opportunity but I'm slightly put off and lost at the moment.

From what I first read, the brief was on the theme of Resistance... which to me immediately suggested ideas of politics, rebellion, freedom fighters etc and I really dont follow politics at all.. so this was kind of disappointing to me.. :(

then like every other brief I began thinking of other meanings to the word, coming up with ideas of resistant materials, fire proof, water proof or ways in which things resist... salmon swimming up stream etc. or maybe ways we could resist temptation....

I decided I needed a proper look at the brief as well as researching previous winners of the Don't Panic poster comps...

"Resistance is about going against the grain. Going left when everyone is going right. Resistance is radical for the short term, and revolutionary in the long."

self explanatory....

"We’d like you to capture on paper resistance to the politics of existence from a personal level - interacting with your peers, neighbours and work colleagues - to globally, countries, sexes & religions."

this is the bit that has now thrown me even more... I've re worded the exact brief to make a little more sense and flow easier when reading... but im not a 100% sure what theyre on about..

"Consider sub-aspects of resistance – protection and armour (both physical and mental) aspects of survival, hardiness & determination. Try and think the opposite of your standard practice, work with new methods - push out of your comfort zone."

without a clearer understanding of the middle bit, I dont think i can tackle this aspect just yet... :(

some previous winners...





im all over the place again... i started off just by googling the word resistance just to see what images turned up... and resistance posters. although the majority seem like the stereotypical images youd expect I came across a photo that i liked the look of. Originally spotted here talking about a poster designed for Critical mass (a mass cyclist gathering and ride, quite a site to be seen!)

the inflatable president bush was actually part of a demonstration/protest to arrest Bush or "give him the boot" (if you read the various links you'll get the joke or should i explain it...??? yeah..).... instead of doing a typical demonstration with posters etc etc they had a giant inflatable bush and invited people to thrown shoes at it.. simple.. you can really imagine the crowd gettin behind this and cheering or using it to let out anger etc... but its a fun idea and exciting visually as opposed to jsut a crowd of home made banners and posters... which got me thinking i could again create a character for this project, or maybe even make my own inflatable :D

im kind of hoping the brief isnt as political as i first imagined it to be.. (i feel really stupid that im missing something here! that its a very obvious idea that I cant grasp)... but i dont follow politics at all, definitely not enough to inspire an idea like the above :P

even so, I have briefly looked at sourcing vinyl to make a blow up character but was also reminded of a visiting artist I once saw on my foundation course :) Space Cadets. Using a material called ripstop they create giant inflatable scultpures and installations.

please reply james.. :/

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