Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I've been waiting just under a month to finally make this post...I wanted the space research out of the way and done before i posted this. Around my birthday (just before christmas) I was lucky enough to get 2 books that i had requested... Made&Sold and Full Vinyl...

like most of the other books i own, I havent gone through them fully yet - waiting for the opportune moment to dig them out for a brief - but I already love them and really excited about having an excuse to reference from them.v


Made&Sold is a collection of personal projects from artists and amateurs who basically went out on their own to make a finished piece without having strict brief guidelines or deadlines to stick to. After going through the 'Paper Tigers' article by Peter Lyle (Varoom 10 summer 2009) I realise that all i really want to do is make things.. i want to create pieces of work and be creative! i want to do exactly what each person has done within this book and make something real and physical that I can show to the world (but also use as portfolio work in order to boost my chances of landing a job)... this is one of the reasons why i made the "this little light of mine" poster a little while back... i think its in my archives here.. (search for personal).. but I've been going out of my head sat here waiting for uni to start again, I want to be creating something and I'm going to use this book as a spring board for my own ideas.. I've already got an order lined up for some new screen print supplies but i still want to make my own vinyl figures... which leads onto the next book i got!

Full Vinyl is like a collection of guilty pleasures... although i am often told off for focusing on "style".. this book features figures from a hold bunch of different artists along with their initial drawings that inspired the figures but also includes some decent bio for a change. Similar to magazines like PlayTimes and Clutter (both very fitting titles for magazines about "toys"), is filled with many bright and colourful characters which every since I was told to look into "character" I have been hung up on creating my own little creatures to bring to life both on page and in 3D... i still have tutorials i want to follow in order to produce some of my own 3d models.. but I rarely find the time to get supplies let alone make them! (i still have one half done at uni!)

but... with all this said.. I'm really looking forward to 2010, I want this to be the year in which I start promoting myself more and getting more paid work! (havent i already said this once?) I also keep hearing the Beatles song "all you need is love" which I have... I'm in love with making and thinking creatively... i cant help it... my mind just runs off on its own little tangents and never looks back.. (which is something i also need to work on.. but we'll save that for later!)....

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