Friday, 15 January 2010

phew... glad thats cleared up...

After a sort of... tutorial.. which was more like a chat than any sort of do this/dont do this thing you might expect. I always worry that I carry on too much in these meetings and I do go off on tangents, but this is only because I'm hoping I might be offered an answer to my questions and doubts etc... anyway... (before i get carried away again on another rant/whinge)... I feel a few things were cleared up or were explained enough for me to set things into motion on my on terms..

the one thing i need to do is hold back a little on the eagerness to work professionally, purely because I am still trying to find my own "style" and way of working... at the moment I can adapt to any visual style i see, taking bits from other artists work and re-doing it my own way... but I'm worried that there won't be any call for the type of stuff I am doing/looking at when i come to finish this course and head out into the real world.

I still keep thinking of what I want to do when I leave... some people are looking at doing illustrations for book covers, others may go on to illustrate articles for newspapers and magazines but I really don't know what I want to do... and it drives me crazy! I am really interested in toys - making my own as well as collecting - cartoons, I love using illustrator, photoshop and a few other programs and I love screen printing, sculpture and traditionally drawing (contour).

I don't know of any jobs were I'd be able to do all these things unless i was to go it alone as a freelance artist/illustrator and probably incorporating some small degree of photography... I like doing things on my own, to my own standards and at my own pace.... i love being busy - always having something to do or a problem to solve keeps me interested - but I love studio environments too... I always think of Modern Dog's studio/working method as described in their 20 years of posters book... they all basically work in the studio, in close proximity to each other, but do their own individual thing... they bounce ideas off of each other, giving and receiving crit from each member and the many interns and so at the end of the day it is a collaborative thing... this is why I like working in the studio at uni and I'd love to start some form of collaborative group but the problem again is that with this new idea of forming a collective in my head.. am i already getting too hung up on the idea of it?

anyway... Hopefully i'll get a little more chance to discuss these things when back in the studio both with my tutors and peers...

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