Sunday, 17 October 2010


I need to have something sorted before I go to Berlin in November apparently.. so although I still want to do a vinyl figure of my own design, I know time wise I'm probably not going to manage it... I was however thinking about a keyring similar to the ones Kidrobot are producing...

I realised that I want to make stuff similar to the kind of things I like to buy for myself! So far, I can only imagine making a custom keyring design in a similar fashion to how I'd make the vinyl figure... sculpting a design with sculpey, baking it, creating a mold and then casting a small run of them... but I'd need to think about the shape/design and whether I'd need to paint them... painting something like 50 individual keyrings could be rather tedious... so I'd have to make sure the design works simply in a single colour. I have however already been pricing up bulk lots of keychains :)

the stickers WILL be happening this week though! ;)

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