Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Running With Scissors

As part of our 3rd year in Illustration, the course kicks us out into the real world in a myriad of ways but they don't send us out unprepared. I need to come up with an 'artefact' other than a bog standard business card that I could pass out to prospective clients or even sell and start up some sort of business via Etsy (or something similar).

I'm actually all over the place with this! There's so much I want to do with this but my prefered ideas will take a lot of time off other projects... but I was thinking of using my D&AD poster design for a little while (until I come up with some other work I prefer) and making the running boy into a 3D model. I already collect a lot of vinyl figures with the intention of making my own in the near future, so why not start now with my own character? I currently have a friend making a 3D computer model of my character so I could send it to either Shapeways or ThingLAB...The only downside I have seen to this is that I will need to throw a lot of money at it for a one-off professionally. I could sculpt my own by hand and then make a mold from it to then cast many more but it's time once again.. I have a couple of side projects going on that I want finished before I spend any prolonged periods of time on this but thats down to my own time management and prioritising.

I also have a habit of collecting stickers too, i think this stems from my interest in skateboarding, snowboarding and graffiti culture over the last 10 years, but it means I've been thinking of printing my own stickers which could then be posted anywhere and everywhere! Although I lack any rebellious instinct to vandalise public or personal property with stickers, it would be left up to the individual where they posted my stickers and a such I could reach a wider audience than just sticking them up around Manchester... I'd also need to look into the legal ramifications of other people posting stickers with MY name about and whether I'd be held responsible.

With the sticker idea, i have already been trying to source local companies who print them and the main one I have come across is Edge Stickers based in Wilmslow. I received a sample sticker pack from them and so I have requested a quotation on printing my 'Running with Scissors' at approx 10cm x 13cm. We shall see what they come back with...

Also, Sticker Robot have run a competition in ComputerArts: Projects magazine last month and I've just discovered their deadline is tomorrow (7/10/10) so theres still time for me to enter my 'Running with Scissors' again... You never know! The prize is 1,000 of your stickers printed.

What I like about StickerRobot is how they screenprint their works (as featured in the magazine). its suddenly like all these magical and mysterious companies and how they make their products are slowly becoming less elusive and we the public/artists can see a little more what happens to our artwork or even steal ideas and set it up at home ;) like I did with my own screenprinting gear.. I shall get photos of that up eventually!

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  1. Congrats with the D&AD Bob, your running with scissors idea is brilliant, its a good incentive to get people interested in not only your work but your name and what you do.

    kind of reminds me of fallout3 aswell.. ;)