Sunday, 17 October 2010


i recently picked up a copy of Nobrow magazine no.3 for two reasons.. the first being that i know they have featured and printed the work of Ben Newman in the past and secondly because they seem to be very popular in an underground fanzine kind of way. (i like Ben Newman's work btw).

A few of us have kicked around the idea of printing our own fanzine/magazine since we were introduced to Le Gun....This was so we could just get our work out there to the world... each having 4-5 pages and that would be it. something for the portfolio and not linked with the briefs we received during the course, a way for us to say what we want and do what we want.

Nobrow allows artists to showcase their work in a printed format - which reminds me of the Paper Tigers essay featured in Varoom no. 10 - but it seems to be fitting to a current trend of naive art becoming popular rather than out of a love for the method/process of printing a magazine. Le Gun, started out printing their own work and then running printing submissions as awareness grew... they bought their first printing press themselves and did limited edition runs, where as Nobrow only number their first 3000. Im not saying Nobrow is wrong in what they do, only that it is different.

I imagine that if we get our shit together and produce illustrations that we want to print in a book then I'd want to hand bind and bound them. I've made a few little, simple booklets in the past and I also found a great tutorial via on how to bind and make covers for books :

and also found a few others since:

cd case printing:

its nice to see the process people go through during screen printing.. its what appeals to me I think.. the fact that you need to figure the order in which to print your work, you build a design up over layers and its a hand on approach.. (im slowly losing interest in over using digital methods to produce work)...

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