Tuesday, 21 December 2010

DeadMau5 and other research

let me start by saying I have right clicked and stolen these images.. i do not own the rights to them but you should go check out Rukes.com for more amazing images!

This is possibly one of the most exciting visual and music combinations I have ever seen.. it almost makes me want to just stop this project now as I dont think I'll be able to top it.. DeadMau5's set AND head are animated and actually change throughout the tracks... abstract shapes and imagery accompany the music in a simple yet effective way. A lot of the images on the set just scroll on and off the screens, but its the simplicity that makes it work.. if it was too complex, we would lose interest as we try to figure out what is going on. The addition of the mouse head being animated brings the alias DeadMau5 to life as if he is a real character and not a simple as a stage name.. it almost feels like im watchin a computer come to life and paint to the music as the visuals change...

and another video

now imagine if I combined abstract neon images with these creatures...

it certainly would feel more alien...


The closest I could probably get the DeadMau5's stage head and antics is by creating my own little light show combined with this funky little app from UsTwo studios... it appears to be a simple set of animated images to make the 'mouth' appear like it is actually talking.. the microphone in the phone pics up voice and tries to animate the digital mouth accordingly.. you simply then place the phone over your own mouth to give yourself a wacky cartoon new one!

in the same way that the app and phone replace your own mouth.. I then wanted a full face to appear on the screen and to replace the face of a character I had drawn within my exhibition space.. however the phone size and problems with making the image on the screen appear FULL size meant it didnt quite work right.. it is all a test after all but I feel like I shouldve been able to create something like this at least..


Its easy now to come up with research on what i shouldve done.. but I cant help kicking myself when I look at images like these and imagine what I could've created..

a visual identity using simple geometric shapes of colour

and various large scale installations from Staging Space (published by Gestalten)

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