Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Yet more research believe it or not..

taken from the book.. Hidden Track.. here are some artists work that I want to steal from and incorporate into my work.. sadly I do some what skim books like this now.. purely because there are so many available now.. but also because I often just like one or two pieces of work from an artist. I have given up jotting their names down so I can research them deeper as I feel I have enough artist influences already but instead I use them for visual reference which then sparks other ideas...

Here, the artwork has been displayed in a maze format.. so in order to view the work, the audience must step inside the piece and become part of it. the idea of taking people out of reality for a brief moment and putting them into a piece of artwork allows for the work to be experienced differently than if it was framed and hung on a wall.

a small idea I had to do with boxes, would be that I could mount them onto a wall but inside would be part of a larger drawing.. once all the boxes had been opend (and possibly arranged) then the image would be clear.. like a giant jigsaw...

in both of these images, I love the fact that the illustration has gone straight onto the surface.. its not on paper, its not printed on.. its hand drawn onto something... the 2d lines suddenly become 3d as they bend to the shape and form of their canvas. I also love the fact that the car is white like a sheet of paper and the artist (Beat13) has used 1 spot colour but mainly stuck with black for an outline.. reminding me of comic and cartoon outlines that I feature heavily in my own work.

Finally, I have wanted to do this again for a while.. back on my foundation course I drew some characters, cut them out and photographed them.. but here they have been scaled up a bit.. not only that.. but theyve added more room for interaction with the pieces (a hole to place your own face)... my own characters from the competition brief are my own creation and so lack any sort of backstory at the moment.. meaning they arent as successful as characters as I would have hoped..


more examples of thick outlined, vector-esque, cartoon imagery..

the way these images are composed, combines various elements together to look as if they are part of a greater, larger piece.. why couldnt I have tested more variations of my own work in a similar way?.. maybe then I could have joined up disjointed pieces and made them feel as if they were all round more together


The previous double page spread was my initial reference for wanting to create a panoramic sized illustration, but then I found the childrens book...'Panorama: a fold out book' by Fani Marceau....

as the title suggests, the pages of the book fold out forming a large concertina panoramic image across your table/floor or in my case... bed. In my own close ups i've tried to show how each page continues into the next ever so slightly.. keeping a flow to the imagery and story.. but at the same time.. the elements that overlap on the page.. dont alter or deter away from the perspective of the next illustration.. what i mean is.. maintaing the right perspective isnt necessary.. only the continuation and link to the next page is key.once you actually review one side.. there is a 'night time' version printed on the reverse...


More three dimensional bits..



rely on the viewer standing in the right place in order to view the work as a whole and complete... by slightly altering the angle of view the work becomes distorted and somewhat abstract.. maybe this is something I can incorporate into further developments of the brief?

and also.. these loveable inflatables by Joshua Allen Harris only come to life at specific times when subway trains pass by and cause air to inflate the creatures... the continuous flow of air and the general everyday breeze... blows and sways these creations giving the impression that they are real.. Ive already shown some of my own attempts at this on a very small scale but I would love the opportunity to take a character of my own and enlarge it in the same way Harris does..

back when i was in primary school, we had a travelling inflatable planetarium come to visit and i always remember the actual dome more than the information given to us.. but purely because we were all sat around inside a giant inflatable igloo.. it was soft to touch.. yet rigid.. it was like a bouncy castle expect not as hard wearing... it basically begged to be touched, prodded and poked.. there are tonnes of these now travelling about by the looks of things online.. and not only that.. but we had to crawl on our hands and knees to get into it.. it felt more like play time than learning..

then a good few years later I had more experience with inflatables in Foundation, when the Space Cadets visited for a 1 day brief. we were only playing with inflating plastic bags but still.. the general idea stuck with me and hence the mock ups I made..

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