Sunday, 19 December 2010

Poster Inspiration

A collection of posters taken from

I'm not sure if I already explained my actions during the 7x7 brief, but I often find that I get too bogged down in trying to find a style. My visual language is all over the place, I was trying to draw a character and then suggest character through drawing other objects but instead I thought that using actual photographic images in my work would negate the need to find a style. It also drew on my experiences with screen printing and photography... slowly combining aspects and skills I had learnt and forgotten within photoshop.

Each of the posters above shows one way or another, the techniques that I employed in my 7x7 designs. Screentones create a fantastic effect of tone without using solid blocks of colour - perfect for early printing methods - and as such also add a feeling of nostalgia, harking back to the comics i read as a kid. The silhouetted shape of a man falling - used in the 'Trail of the Dead' poster - doesn't show us any specific details about the unfortunate man, but we read information such as he is wearing a suit by how his clothes act on his frame, he is a male shown by his short hair and we assume he was pushed as he is falling with his back to the floor... semiotics is fun ;)

And finally, the 'Motion City Soundtrack' poster showing the gentleman with a broken heart inspired the using of objects and personal belongings to represent their owners/characters. In creating a character, there are simple techniques you can use to make anything appear human-like.... adding arms, legs, eyes and a mouth are the easiest and in doing so they often become new characters on their own. Then adding a personality and creating a posture for them bring them to life and allows you to imagine what they would be like if alive...

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