Sunday, 15 May 2011

24 hour monsters

Another project that came about via twitter... Jamie Roberts decided that for comic relief he would draw for 24 hours straight.. then all he needed was a theme.. and so came about the monsters... he was asking for others to donate their time in drawing and helping to raise money for comic relief... but also for people to donate artwork if they couldnt afford to spend time doing it live...

It took me a little while to settle on what monster to actually create but I'm happy with what I produced... it was separate from the course so I felt I had more freedom to produce what ever i wanted and it felt good. I'd actually spent a while drawing out my design and then using tracing paper to finalise the design.. (i've now realise i can skip the tracing paper and go straight to inking my work with my new trusty lightbox.. i just didnt have it at the time)...

anyway.. the completed works were auctioned on ebay and the money raised from the live drawing was all given to comic relief.. Jamie later admitted that he was happy with what was raised but felt liek he could've done more to promote the event and raise more money.. ah well.. next time maybe.. and there will be a next time.. with his plans to freelance more, he's also planning on turning the 24hour monsters thing into a regular sort of collective, but rather than monsters being the subject matter... he saw the artists as being the monsters... anyway... i cant wait for next time

I ended up screen printing my finished design and also with a few different colours.. the only downside was I printed a few too many prints. The idea of the auction was so that the winner would gain exclusivity.. but luckily for me.. the winner was actually a friend of Jamie's... so I sent him numerous copies of the prints I made and I will be passing one onto Jamie when i see him.. but the rest are just going to get dusty now..

my original screen kind of cocked up.. but as i keep saying.. its the little mistakes which kinda makes each one special..

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