Sunday, 15 May 2011


Ok, so I have let this section slip a little bit I think… some aspects are better than others and other things I have been doing, but not been recording the actions as well as I should.

To start with... in terms of self promotion... since last year I have had my website up and running, business cards printed and self promotional stickers created. These have been passed out to some people and placed in various locations (some in Berlin)… but I haven’t been to many places where I have met creative people to be able to hand out my business cards… anyway… I will be redesigning my business cards with an image of my work on them rather than a logo or name… and I will make sure that this time I have ALL my contact details on them. (last time I left off my email.. but I had a link to my website where my email was situated)…

The next part of this is a promotional artefact. As much as I would like to create a vinyl toy for this.. I don’t think I have the money to do this on my own at the moment… however I have mocked up a silly little character on which I could paint various faces and also pass out to people to decorate themselves as they do with many DIY vinyl toys. However... I have also started mocking up a keyring design that would be part of a mail out promotional pack along with postcards, a single sticker (most likely my mickey character), business cards, and badges to be printed by (and possibly some sweets)… but the keyring is an old logo I made for myself… based on the hand signal for ‘OK’.. ive always thought it never actually looks like an ‘O’ and a ‘K’.. so I distorted it a little and almost broke the little finger to make it look more like an ‘OK’ sign. I want to have my website etched into the back of the keyring so at least when people say the stickers are useless.. keyrings are at least a little bit more useful!

here's my mock ups for my promo keyring item... I have been pointed in the direction ofZapCreatives for creating a more professional looking item. I know it will cost me at least £30-40 but I don't know how exactly how many keyrings I will need.. i'm thinking of putting together around 50 promo packs to be mailed out to agencies and clients..

I started by making a mock up of my design using Super Sculpey.. once I baked it to harden it, I made a mould using a 2-part silicone putty that hardens within minutes.. i then used crystal resin to cast the clearer versions of my keyring.

I even found this material from FredAldous art store in Manchester, i say material as I dont know what it is exactly... but basically you put it in boiling water and it becomes pliable. you can then mould it into any shape, here is just a test.. but I have tried fitting it into the (blue)silicone mould pictured above... so far.. not a bad test...

My portfolio: I am still unsure what to do with my portfolio, I have lots of work to put in it and I have edited it from what it used to be... I have been told that it's good to see me working on various things and not just plain flat images. My folio has shrunken from 10-12 images on an A3 page to a smaller A4 page with a single image on it. I have removed work that I wasn’t too keen on and kept only the work I think reflects me but now I am stuck on which 4 or 5 images to include in a PDF portfolio. Originally it included all my work and sketches… so there wasn’t much point me sending the PDF folio to agencies asking for folio crits.. when they would have already seen everything. I’m also wondering whether to include my C.V in the thing too.. as I have done a lot of work in the past that has been commissioned but it isn’t like any of my current work… hmm.. what do you think?

PDF Portfolio

Contact list: these are the places that I should be contacting and heading out to go see with my work in hopes of getting more paid jobs... sadly i havent researched into this a great more myself.. only having looked at the documents and suggestions we received on the course.. i've been a bit more preoccupied in actually doing the work.. ;P

Networking list: this is something I feel is a little bit of a waste of time, in order to make contacts and connections with people.. then a lot of the time it has to be in person… I can’t say I openly go out to network, it just happens but as a requirement to my course I have formed this list of friends and people I know within creative industries.. not all illustration.. but people who could offer me work, help me with advice on my work or who may just be able to recommend me to others for future work…


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