Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tara McPherson

Jay Ryan’s work may have been the first posters I saw, but Tara McPherson’s was finally the first print I bought from the Richard Goodall Gallery. I’ve seen her work before and often thought it a little samey with similar characters making more than one appearance but this print was another spark that made me realise hand drawn work shows the artists talent and connection to the artwork where as the computer can mask an artists lack of talent and lack of interaction with the actual piece. The McPherson print I own clearly shows her original hand drawn line and in her book “Lonely Heart“ there are special pages added into the middle that overlays her sketches on top of the finished piece showing her process and how it started and ended.

One thing I noticed is her more realistic style of drawing, the characters are in proportion and theres no exaggerated features but no matter how much I like this (similar to James Jean) I will never be able to match her talent because I am different, I can’t become a copy of her or anyone else work for that matter. What I love is that fact that the work is hand made, hand printed and there’s very little in the way of shading… it is just the line art and nothing more... it doesnt need any fancy colouring or digital trickery.. but also since it's screen printed and numbered.. you know that it is genuine and not some cheap digital print run off by some one else...

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